This international shopping area is recommened for visitors. The main strip boasts over a thousand shops catering to foreigners, with leather goods, clothes and souvenirs. You can find a various kind of ethnic restaurants in this area, such as Indian, Pakistani, Thai and German. The nightlife in this area is popular, with Western-style nightclubs and bars. Take the free Westin Chosun Shuttle Bus.
Subway Line #6-Itaewon Stn
Seoul Tower sits a top of Mount Namsan, with a bird¡¯s eye view of Seoul. Also called Namsan Tower, this landmark has a revolving restaurant, for a panoramic dining experience, a 3D theater, and a Global Village Folk Museum, with over 20,000 relics from over 150 countries. Take the cable car for a romantic view of the city lights at night.
Subway Line #4-Myeongdong Stn
A tribute to the tumultuous 5,000-year history of Korea. More than just a memorial, this museum contains war memorabilia, historical documents and displays of various war craft, such as tanks, fighter jets and weapons used through the ages.
Subway Line #4 or Line #6-Samgakji Stn
Korea¡¯s largest indoor amusement park, with roller coasters and other rides, shows and parades.
Lotte World has a lot of exciting places, including a vast shopping mall, with duty-free shopping, an ice-skating rink, movie theaters and a folklore museum.
Subway Line #2 or Line #8-Jamsil Stn
Minutes from Yeouido Park is the tallest building in Korea. Take the glass elevators to the top of this golden skyscraper, and see the panorama of Seoul from the rooftop observatory. You can also watch a movie in the IMAX theater. Children and adults will enjoy the wide variety of sea life at Sea World Aquarium. Also here are luxury restaurants, a food court and a shopping mall.
Subway Line #5-Yeouinaru Stn